Is it hard winter to come

New head of the tribe of Indians, they ask, “Is it hard winter to come? ”
The young chief of the tribe who had no experience in this field, the answer was “prudent to fetch wood” went after the Meteorological Agency of countries ringin ‘this winter cold call, sir? ”

Re: “It seems,” the rulers of the tribe, was ordered …

After collecting firewood and ensure that the time sounded again to “tone your previous comment, you confirm?”

Re: “one hundred percent”, the leader of the clan everyone was ordered to فروشگاه اینترنتی spend more than they collect firewood for the whole Tvanshvn. Meteorological Organization sounded again: “Are you sure that this winter cold calling? ”

Re: So tell me, is the coldest winter in recent history!

Boss: “How do you know? ”

Answer: “Because they’re crazy Indians gather wood!

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