Several forms of mini hand-held Stabilizers Introduced for You

Several forms of mini hand-held Stabilizers Introduced for You

Professional stabilizer generally embody shock absorption, balance, and carry parts of 3 main elements. the employment of damping spring arm of the user and also the camera bring to an end, so movement generated shock absorption through the spring arm to cut back camera shake up and down. reconciliation parts will effectively scale back camera shaking around. Burdened social unit is that the stabilizer

A general purpose stabilizer, involved concerning value and transportable, size and performance square measure simplified. Keep solely the damping element and reconciliation element, into hand-held stabilizer. Shock
absorption and pivot perform by a suspension spring and arm up-to-date. this kind of stabilizer, the structure is simple: the camera head, gimbal handle, cantilever, and many counter weight. thus carry and operation square measure straightforward.
1. metallic element Alloy mini hand-held Stabilizer for DSLR Video Camera

This mini hand-held Stabilizer, light to
hold, straightforward to work, skilled style of powerful capability and high flexibility permits all-around stable shooting.

• the tiny and exquisite stabilizer weights solely a pair of.1 KG جوک that is formed of high-strength metallic element

• a pair of section style, the length of the stabilizer will extend quickly for shooting at a better angle

• With high-precision foreign bearings low-friction joint

• Soft rubber on the hand grip عکس cause you to feel snug once handle it

• fast unleash plate with mark will record the equilibrium for various equipments

• fast unleash plate which might modify front and back ,left and right

• It will understand a lot of stable all-around shooting like high angle shot, low angle shot, etc…

• Beside, stretch adjustment improves weight magnitude relation (4*100 g, 2*200 g), and reduces the clump weight greatly

• Fits for all types of skilled tv camera, SLR camera and DVs

• It can also be used with Vest and arm, not enclosed


Material: metallic element alloy

Minimum length: 38cm

Maximum length: 60cm

Capacity range: 1-3Kg

Total Weight: a pair of.1kg

2. F&V mini hand-held Stabilizer for DSLR tv camera DV Camera


– This mini hand-held Stabilizer could be a new shooting device to
prevent shaking.

– With skilled deisgn of high flexibility, it realizes all-around stable shootings.

– appropriate for outing, family party and flyever video shooting etc.

Material: Iron

Min. Length 40mm

Max. Length 60mm

Load Capacity: zero.5-2Kg

Weight: 1000g

3. mini hand-held Stabilizer for DV Compact Camera mobile phone

This mini hand-held stabilizeris product of metallic element alloy,
excellent structure, can also be used as alittle stand, 2 section style, Min. Length 280mm, Max. Length 480mm. unleash plate will modify front and back ,left and right. Soft rubber on the hand
grip, cause you to feel snug once handle it. Fits for compact cameras and DVs. what is more it will be used with iPhone and alternative mobile phone, however you wish to shop for mobile phone Holder in addition.
Bottom 3 leg will be clastic or folding for convenient to hold.


Material: metallic element alloy

Min. Length 280mm

Max. Length 480mm

Load Capacity: 200g-3000g

Weight: 1220g

Do you like build a small film, recording video for your family, kids, pets etc…? does one realize the recorded video image perpetually shake and sound crying, even you are attempting to stay balance, however the hands still shock? however am i able to solve this drawback and acquire a transparent and stable image just like the Hollywood Movie? Do i would like to try to to exercise for my hands to stay them balance and do not shock? No, it’s not necessary, even you are doing exercise together with your hands everyday, that solely build it higher, however cannot absolutely solve the matter. All is that- you wish a assistant – hand-held camera stabilizer to stay the video image stable and clear. do not hesitate. Take action currently to settle on your best camera hand-held stabilizer on

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