Biography faculty member. Mohammad Hassan Ganji, the daddy of earth science

Biography faculty member. Mohammad Hassan Ganji, the daddy of earth science
Mohammad Hassan Ganji was born in 1291 within the town of Birjand . Parents , he was Abu Turab long Ghaen elected official city . His family to serve rulers Ghayenat ( Birjand ) , the family science. , His father was engaged in farming and husbandry . He had 3 brothers and 2 sisters , four of whom were teaching in native colleges Birjand .

He spent his primary and instruction in his town so moved  to Teheran to continue his education . Higher junior college in Teheran and went on to check history and earth science , and also the degree was awarded . Then sent to Europe round the year 1312 was chosen as a student at Victoria University of Manchester in European country continued  to check and in 1317, his skilled degree in earth science .
It was the second year staying in European country when a year of learning numerous disciplines , was his call to figure within the fields of earth science and history since he was a secondary concern .

Where Genji years specialised in earth science at Manchester University graduate and skilled enrollment and when four years he won honors in earth science that’s thought of reminiscent of MSc . as a result of his tendency to earth science , particularly the weather , drought and flood events is aware of that the times of childhood and youth in his native place , and caused a lot of hurt to the villagers . , he left for America in 1331 and was once more exploitation scholarship his hydrogen ion concentration.D. degree in earth science from Clark University and received . Ganji on Iran’s climate doctor thesis have already been printed in English .

Doctor treasure the years 1317 to 1354 , he schooled at Teheran University and also the person to enter a brand new earth science has tutorial programs , is known . He retired in 1358 with a master degree . , He steps up to deputy editor of the faculty and also the university in 1354 with a degree may be a academician old . ‘s From 1335 to 1347 as a department manager and was accountable meteoric meteoric Organization of Asian country, is additionally famed .

Doctor treasure might 1342 to October 1347 additionally because the Parliamentary Assistant within the Ministry headed by faculty member. R. 1347 a year post of body and money Department at Teheran University , was charged with . when for a while consultant University and dean of the college of Literature and Humanities , was charged in June 1353 and served thirty seven years till his university remained during this position .
In the 40s , he headed the Asian region within the plexus celiacus of Meteorology and also the same year he maintained his relationship with the organization . The doctor treasure Climate Atlas of many books, together with Asian country and quite a hundred articles are printed in Persian and English .

In addition to his management of earth science , college of Letters and Human Sciences , and vice chairman of Teheran University , before the monotheism Revolution of Asian country meteoric Department has command the Presidency of Meteorology Asia . Doctor treasure of nice monotheism reference Center in 1364 , and from 1370 worked because the chief martyr Beheshti University has partnered with the Department of earth Sciences .
Professor Ganji ‘s responsibility to review and valuate time period mobilization campaign was the war arrange . additionally, from 1368 to 1372 was chief of the military and also the geographical organization of 1373 as a advisor to the Department of Earth Sciences martyr Beheshti University participated within the style and implementation of programs .

Join the geographic region of the study and drafting of the 1365 tutorial book ( left ) and has the foremost Doctor of Philosophy earth science courses schooled at the schools of Teheran University of collaboration has been significantly . He conjointly LED the membership of the Committee on Climate Atlas of Asian country meteoric Organization was accountable. Daymalmry conjointly a member of British Geographical Society and also the initial President of the Association of Geographers Asia and one in all the world’s prime fifteen geographers .
Gnjny doctor World Health Organization is thought because the father of earth science in Asian country in 2001 by the planet meteoric Organization because the world’s prime scientists and scientists in meteorology ar conferred .
In his 29th Congress of the International Geographical Union, Asian nation , in 2000 , was recognized mutually of the world’s fifteen leading expert and World meteoric Organization , Science Prize for 2001 was awarded to him اس ام اس خنده دار folks Asian country has one hundred thirty tutorial and skilled work of earth science and Persian languages, English and bred eleven generations of nice masters within the field of earth science .

Liliette doctor Mohammad Hassan Ganji, the grant ceremony of the memorial plaque conformity the efforts to pass the Master Fzranh cake was cut . Event Liliette doctor Mohammad Hassan Ganji, the daddy of earth science Yksdmyn birthday Asian country meteoric workplace and Institute academician of geographics at the historical assortment of the eleven Generation SAADABAD command.
He conjointly incorporates a degree publically service has received show . Doctor treasure from the start of the revolution till the death of quite sixty three award of labor centers and tutorial figures , Lasting , geographical , scientific societies and universities has received .

Wife and kids
Ganji on twenty four Gregorian calendar month 1320 with Javadzadeh doctor jokes ( he was AN Armenian Iranians ) were married . they’d a son and his spouse stayed at the tip of life even in maturity that his spouse was sick and that they were conjointly his spouse his nurse .

Prof. Mohammad Hassan Ganji , the life of faculty member. Mohammad Hassan Ganji , Bio doctor Mohammad Hassan Ganji

Home earth science
Third on Dec 1390 with the participation of faculty member. Mohammad Hassan Ganji , the house owned  by the Teheran Municipality and opened because the home earth science . currently this house mutually of the centers of Teheran is home and natural science .

Death of faculty member. Mohammad Hassan Ganji
Prof. Mohammad Hassan Ganji , twenty eight Gregorian calendar month 1391 of a brain hemorrhage when falling at his home . Then transferred to a hospital and underwent surgery were prophets World Health Organization eventually died. when the ceremony his body for burial in his town ahead of Teheran University of Birjand was taken on August a pair of, 1391 at Park Ave. doctor Mohammad Hassan Ganji unity , dirt mask painted on the face .

Some jobs doctor Mohammad Hassan Ganji :
– long member of the Geographical Society of European country
– Former member of the Royal social science Society of nice United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern {ireland|kingdom} and Ireland
– Member of the High Council of Statistics
– Member of the Editorial Board of the reference of nice Britain
– unearned Member of the yankee Association for the Advancement of Science
– Member of the Supreme Council of social science
– Member countries of Asia and Africa Geographic Society
– Member of the National Committee on geophysical science ( United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization )
– Member of characteristics Teheran University
– Member of University Grants Commission
– Commission of Cultural Cooperation between Asian country and France (University )
– Member of Iranian Academy of geographic
– Member of the Supreme Council for Geographic Organization geographic
– Member of designing Committee , Ministry of Education
– Member of the Board of Trustees of the faculty of Commerce town
– member of Technical highschool, Tehran
– Union Scientific Anhmnhay
– Chairman of the Iranian geographers Congress 1352
– Member of Teheran University
– the primary president of the Iranian Association of Geographers 1353 to 1357

Some of the works doctor Mohammad Hassan Ganji
– War and also the nice Powers within the Pacific earth science or relationships . Tehran , firm Parvin , 1321
– what’s Human . Translator of the works of Mark Tvabn . Teheran Third Printing, corporations Afshari, 1351
– earth science within the fifth grade (in collaboration with Jesien Khlylyfr ). Tehran , Foundation Franklin , 1337
– earth science sixth grade Khlylyfr collaboration with Hussein . Tehran , Foundation Franklin , 1337
– Asian country rain statistics . Tehran , arid research facility , Teheran University, 1338
– highschool earth science textbooks from initial year to sixth year (in collaboration with the cluster of authors ). Early 1340
– List of geographical articles (in collaboration with J. Sfynzhad ). Tehran , Teheran University college of Literature , 1341
– earth science of Asian country ( four chapters within the initial volume of Iranshahr ). Tehran , Publication No. 22, National Commission for United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization , 1342
– Climate Atlas of Asian country. Tehran , Institute of earth science, Teheran University , 1346
– a group of thirty three articles geographically. Tehran , earth science and devising Sahab Foundation , 1353
– earth science of the Academy to the monotheism Revolution in Asian country . Mashhad , Razavi , 1367
– History earth science monotheism civilization . Tehran , monotheism reference Foundation , 1368
– Letters of Quhistan ( translation unfinished ). Mashhad , Central Khrasanshnasy , 1379

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