The story of a poor milliner

The story of a poor milliner

It was not a 1 man commercialism hats lived . Ever detected in one among the cities , hats square measure in style . thus with all of his capital and also the town went hat looking .

Several days later the town came to an in depth .he was disturbed he would peruse to ascertain somebody United Nations agency failed to see it . Suddenly she detected a sound higher than his head and explored and was shocked to open his mouth . as a result of the monkeys had his helmet . Man upset the monkeys throwing rocks and screaming and tumult they jumped to the opposite horns .
The man United Nations agency had seen the injury this incident failed to apprehend what to try and do , as a result of ascension trees like monkeys they fled along to no avail . Was upset and sent a curse his unhealthy luck . As Associate in Nursing previous man , passing through the unhappy sight of a person milliner he asked , apparently you are a unknown here ! What ‘s thus unhappy for you کلاه شاپو اسپرت

once the previous man detected the story, he said, this can be a simple alternative if you ‘re sporting one ?

Man commercialism hats in his cap from his head and gave the previous man . The previous man ‘s hat on her head and screamed sort of a monkey many times so picked out of the hat within the air, spinning so born .

A man milliner terribly stunning, however when a moment the monkeys of labor imitated the previous man ‘s hat from the top to the bottom and threw . Hats milliner mirthfully along and also the correct management and different thinking thanked the previous man . convey gift for the person and continuing his method .

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