What square measure the health effects of magnetic force waves and noise

What square measure the health effects of magnetic force waves and noise

Waves square measure magnetic force waves that square measure generated by the motion of electrically charged particles

These waves conjointly known as

radiation as a result of the radiation of electrically charged particles square measure created

The waves from house جوک خنده دار air, and different materials square measure had
Scientific studies on the consequences of radiation on biological systems since 1935 began.there is a relationship .

Discussion and dialogue regarding the harmful effects of magnetic force waves on human life , the invention of electricity existed within the nineteenth century .

In explicit, the magnetic force fields within the frequency (RF) communication جوک خنده دار broadcasting, cellular networks and wireless systems square measure used inside , except human life became indivisible .

require an oversized range of antenna stations , mobile networks, the impact on human health has been thought-about .
In could 2011, the International Agency for analysis on Cancer of the globe Health Organization جوک خنده دار revealed a review of the health risks of magnetic force fields .

electromagnetic wave is probably جوک خنده دار going substance (possibly carcinogenic) has classified .

* The result of magnetic fields on cells
According to scientists, no proof of harmful effects on human health جوک خنده دار there’s a electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength below . however some cellular studies , the adverse effects of those waves on the desoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) shows.

Magnetic fields and system ***
Since mobile phones square measure used close to the brain tissue , magnetic force waves that leave the best impact ..

* The result of magnetic fields on bone and gristle
Magnetic fields and physiological condition ***
According to carry cell phones in pockets, considerations regarding the risks of those waves exist on copy . analysis results show that microwave radiation of any amendment within the level of sex hormones doesn’t and physiological condition , miscarriage , premature delivery and low birth weight don’t seem to be wanting .

But the impact of those results comes from low -frequency جوک خنده دار external magnetic and electrical fields on the body is nominal . beyond question, short- term exposure to terribly high levels of exposure to magnetic force fields may be harmful to health .


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