The actress of the planet

The actress of the planet
One day in one in every of the lectures of the good masters of arithmetic , a lassie lessened the master ‘s words . The academic conjointly aforesaid in his speech : ” I even have the guts of lens , get out of the sun .
● History
Young girl , and Mary was the native country of Poland . ‘s In Warszawa , capital of Poland , born in a very poor family within the town to end their highschool education .
The economic issues continued  to check at the University of Eris . He had atiny low space and therefore the high value of electricity , the night visited library to check late into the sunshine and warmth of targeted libraries .
● scientific connected inextricably certain
Marie within the fourth year of university in Paris with a young mortal named ” Curie ” was introduced . ‘s Acquaintance, and therefore the 2 young men were sitting along was fascinated by science . , In 1895, the 2 scientists , tied to wedding and therefore the it absolutely was named when Curie .
Knowledge is power, even thought it’s a pleasure for US . Scientists have aforesaid that the planet is such an enormous book in each Strsh secrets square measure hidden . browse this book and be surprised by people’s words , however the scientists learning it, take away the mystery of nature .
● thesis Curie

His analysis ended that radiation in ore , metal itself additional. Thus , the existence of unknown parts with high radiation in ore guess.

Marie guess when testing accomplished he named the part ” metallic element ” aforesaid. before long it became proverbial that metallic element are often employed in business and medication .
A group of yank engineers wished to shop for the technique of getting metallic element young scientists , however ignore those with monetary issues , the strategy of getting metallic element discharged .
● climb to the summit of Curie
Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1903 to Curie , the Nobel prize . Shortly thenceforth, he became academic and Curie University in Paris, the department undertook a physics laboratory at the University of Paris . {the 2|the 2} scientists had two daughters . The accident took plenty of your time later once Curie and Curie in memory of meeting his woman .
the Swedish Academy of Sciences was given to him .
He seduced by fame and ne’er did , and despite official educational home, married woman and mother was nice . Einstein aforesaid regarding him : ” Curie is one in every of the centerpiece those Nfryft his name and name . ”
● Curie was invisible killer ?
Marie Curie died in Paris in 1934 . His death was a surprise to doctors what her ill health was brought down ? Mary worked for several years with metallic element that had been exposed to radiation . The doctors were of the opinion that metallic element is that the invisible killer .
● social and ethical values ​​of the Curie
The actress that took the lifetime of 2 Nobel prize , choked with hope and energy. Jvanysh his adolescence within the shadow of a troublesome begin and take a look at to succeed in the world’s largest scientific authority .

خرید آنلاین فروش ویژه خرید انلاین خریداری محصولات اینترنتی و انلاین خرید اینترنتی فروشگاه اینترنتی فروش آنلاین خرید فروش فروسگاه مجازی خرید مجازی خرید نقدی خرید آسان

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