Biography of the primary lady journalist

Biography of the primary lady journalist
In a time wherever ladies worry the government’s treatment of acquirement, they hide their wives , ” embellished with Regent ” Iran launches 1st women’s magazine . Week eight -page letter that was revealed within and outdoors the country , and it absolutely was short lived however it absolutely was a giant modification within the constitutional amount .

Din crowned head Qajar is quoted literate ladies had a contented heart , and a few of his wives فروشگاه اینترنتی World Health Organization might browse and write, were they victimisation acquirement were hidden from the king .

Amid Mary , surnamed al- embellished house such initiatives in establishing a faculty and later a magazine revealed for the primary time in history , she was administrator .

as a keen interest within the new science of learning to browse in French and started teaching photography .

She is that the 1st lady journalist in {iran|Iran|Islamic Republic of Iran|Persia|Asian country|Asian nation} ladies in Iran from the primary publication that was revealed within the journal ” Science ” was named the year 1289 AH – S by ” woman doctor medical specialty ” married woman of Mirza Hossein Khan was discharged in medical specialty . The magazine was revealed in {tehran|Teheran|Tehran|capital of Iran|Iranian capital|national capital} and at eight pages per week cutting the lead Rhly print was written and revealed in alternative countries in addition as Iran was stopped when one year .

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Two years when the closure of the “knowledge” of the year 1292 ساعت دیواری طرح رخ Proj Jewess Amid a bloom magazines revealed within the Journal of girls in Iran is understood because the 1st journal , embellished with Regent sad wedding at age sixteen with one Salour Madalsltnh Qajar princes had a number of years of wedding and 2 kids later became Qvamalhkma’ intellectuals .

His married woman inspired him to try and do one in all the cultures . when Qvamalhkma’ died , he got married and Cultural Affairs can pay all of your time .

AH girls’ college in 1330 he named ” Mzynyh ” was established . Amid her community to push education in any respect levels the 2 students World Health Organization pay tuition for a student World Health Organization had registered at no cost and with families that may be the top of the course to induce out of the youngsters ar college .

The school has had 2 branches .

The school was placed next to the garden Assefoddowleh . 2 college women Daralsnay and therefore the art and techniques of stitching, carpentry, Jvrabbafy and purl … They were learning . the college was placed within the neighborhood of Mangal water . lecturers within the 2 faculties were all well educated and artists of his time .
The blue blood adorned with the college management , his literary composition , that was revealed within the journal continuing to blossom , starting the magazine was launched this bit :

The wind came up , and burnt incense within the almonds can bloom

This publication was written on the primary page ” and director interview late Mirza Syed Razi Msyvlh embellished with Regent Sbyh Atebba chairman , a newspaper of ethical , literary , sanitation , children , housework , aid , direct path bred maidens and moral treatment of girls on women’s college nonce, typically 2 scores are going to be revealed . ”

Iran’s 1st feminine journalist , the primary lady journalist , biographer , embellished with Regent

Manuscripts and hieroglyphics to a Caricature
Shmarhash bloom magazine 1st revealed in 1330 and for four years ( فروشگاه اینترنتی ) were discharged each period of time . This publication was written four -page manuscript in line with the fifth variety was hieroglyphics writing from the second year onward with lead letters revealed. On the last page was a cartoon that was relevant to any issue .

Cartoons were revealed within the third year onward . the primary war started business enterprise their order is lost. Blossom content as well as news , articles , and cartoons , all to encourage the education of ladies , combating superstitious notion ساعت دیواری طرح رخ Rmal and divination , home medication physicians trained within the teaching of hygiene , etiquette , social activities and … Was .

Bulletin by
Mary Amid the activities of Members ‘ Forum Khvatyn effort ” was. The Society within the year 1323 AH , chaired by Ms. Nvraldjy established by the administrators of faculties and aimed toward combating foreign product was prohibited import of those product .

Thus, at intervals a month, nearly 5 thousand folks joined the boycott .

Journal Mzynalsltnh blossoms activities and shows associated with these associations were mirrored and therefore the magazine had become a interpreter for the association . He compete a vital role within the development of this idea .

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Journal bloom over something on maidens and ethics coaching targeted on ladies and women’s faculties .the process is allotted the amount ten to the top of their publication by the Association of girls Khvatyn and faculty directors , and to develop and propagate opinions within the SIP, .

By now additionally became a political articles , like borrowings from foreign governments , concessions beyond any doubt be lodged against the govt , national independence against foreign influence and duties of girls during this regard , as whereas the ladies are trying to boost the country ‘s highlights .

In this means they gain strength as men . but in each halves ساعت دیواری طرح رخ the difficulty of girls and فروشگاه اینترنتی education college dedicated to blossom theme was ever written .

Iran’s 1st feminine journalist , the primary lady journalist , biographer , embellished with Regent

After scuffling with acquirement and denounces superstitions prevailing customs and beliefs common among ladies lagged behind alternative vital problems with the magazine . Blossom , in addition because the standing of girls in alternative elements of the planet particularly in Europe and it’s raised awareness of the foremost basic ways in which the difficulty of girls in Iran.

Thus, in line with the newspaper blossoms among directors and lecturers in girls’ faculties and feminine students was revealed , the direct impact of girls is that the plain Rozegar .

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Mazin al- although his social activities, intellectual lady , her face would become a partisan within the constitutional era , however , was a girl of her personal life with the laic ladies had maintained all coordinates , the complete his own work alone did continue within the development and business enterprise of newspapers at the time , was thought of women’s progressive ideas , spare no effort in did not seem.

Amid Mrs فروشگاه اینترنتی Jewess Mzynalsltnh 1337 AH / 1298 AH – SH peak of activity was on a visit to Semnan ساعت دیواری طرح رخ died of coronary failure .appear to possess remained steady .